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  1. kindlychung Member

    15 Miljoen mensen
    Op dat hele kleine stukje aarde
    Die moeten niet `t keurslijf in
    Die laat je in hun waarde


    'keurslijf' means straitjacket according to this dictionary.

    But I have no idea how to make sense out of this sentence. Please help~
  2. AK09

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    Dutch - Netherlands
    One shouln't cramp 15 million people with too many regulations, one should respect those people.
  3. kindlychung Member

    Thanks, I see what you mean now. What about 'laat je in hun waarde'? Literally it says 'let you in their value'.
  4. AK09

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    Dutch - Netherlands
    'Iemand in zijn waarde laten' means to accept someone as he/she is.
  5. Suehil

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    British English
    The translation of 'keurslijf' is given in some dictionaries as 'straitjacket', but in fact it's a corset (I checked with van Dale) A straitjacket would be a 'dwangbuis'.
    But the figurative meaning remains the same. :)

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