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What do we call by the expression "key opinion leader"? What is the translation in french? This term is used in pharma industries as a marketing term. It seems to be a general term to call credible physicians or scientists hired by companies to acts to popularize new drugs, new products towards people?
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    J'ai entendu parler de "prescripteurs" dans le domaine du marketing et de la publicité, dans le sens, les gens qui font l'opinion ou qui influencent l'opinion.

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    This is a post from 2008, but I haven't found an answer to the original question in the thread. The question was about the French translation of this term in the Pharma context, not marketing, politics, publicity or advertizing.
    I work in the Pharma industry and we use this term a lot in English, but I don't know what the French equivalent is. When we use the term KOL, we mean a physician who would be a prime expert in a particular therapeutic area in a certain country, someone whose opinion we can unconditionally trust when we are doing a feasibility of a new study, for example, and want to know if it's feasible in a certain country. Please help find a proper translation in French. Thanks in advance!


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    The definitions given by Giga2294 are the ones used in Pharma industry: "leaders d'opinion". "Experts" is also used but can have a slightly different meaning depending on the context.