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Hello. I'm reading a novel written by an American author and I've found the following expression: "keyboard awning". I know what a keyboard is and what an awning is, and I wonder if this "keyboard awning" is simply an awning which has a keyboard shape or design or maybe it has a more metaphoric meaning. In Google I've only found one image of that, and it was a music shop with an awning depicting a piano keyboard.
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    This is the sentence (from Richard Ford, "The Sportswriter"; an excellent novel by the way): "Even the servant classes, who are mostly Negroes, seem fulfilled in thier summery, keyboard-awning side streets down Wallace Hill behind the hospital, where they own their own houses."

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    This may be a reference to a piano keyboard where the black servants' lanes are squeezed in between the white streets of their masters.



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    Have a look at THIS PICTURE.

    Now, apply a great deal of imagination and picture a long side-street where each building has its own white awning, punctuated by narrower dark shadow spaces. The overall effect, in my head anyway, is a long row of black and white shapes that calls to mind a keyboard. The keyboard effect comes from many awnings, rather than being a pattern on each.

    Well, it's an alternative view.
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