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    When is this verb used exactly and how does it differ from kezd?
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    Kezd is transitive: someone (or some group or institution) begins something. Kezdődik is intransitive: something begins.
    -- Olivier
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    NagyKiss, it is not a tricky verb particularly. (Obviously, for native speakers.:)) But let us see some examples:

    A film 8:30-kor kezdődik. - The film starts/begins at 8:30.
    A szertartás korán kezdődött.- The ceremony started/began early.

    Kezd sötétedni. - It is beginning to be dark.
    A szertartást korán kezdték. = They started/began the ceremony early.
    (In Hungarian the Active Voice is used. Otherwise, in better English: The ceremony was started early.)
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    I am not sure I completely understand. Are these right?
    (Abban nem biztos, hogy teljesen értem. Helyesek ezek?)

    A tél december egyediken kezdődik.
    Kezdődik az eső.
    Kezd esik.
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