Khmer/Cambodian: huəh-haet, huəh-riet

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    I've found the word ហួសហេតុ (huəh-haet) "unreasonable, extraordinary" in two online Khmer-English dictionaries and in a Khmer-Russian dictionary as well. In the Khmer-Russian one there's also ហួសរាត (huəh-riet) with a similar meaning.
    Both of them are used after word គំនិត "idea", making it "unachievable/unattainable dream".

    However, ហួសរាត (huəh-riet) cannot be found neither in those online Khmer-English dictionaries nor on the web in general. The same goes for the "riet" part.

    I wonder, isn't there a mistake? Maybe "riet" is spelled in another way. Thanks in advance.
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    To the best of my Khmer native speaking ability, I have never heard of the word "ហួសរាត (huəh-riet)" at all. Just as you pointed out, the word "ហួសហេតុ (huəh-haet)" is translated as "unreasonable" and literally, "hueh" = beyond. "haet" = reason.

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