Kholostiachka (Latvian)


English- Ireland
Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a masters thesis on the reception and translation of a French novel called La Garçonne into English. La Garçonne could be translated as a tomboy, a flapper, bachelor girl, or single woman. With a view to getting a holistic vision of the book's perception in different languages and cultures, I am comparing and contrasting the titles in various languages. Could anyone help with the translation of the Latvian title please ? It was translated as : Kholostiachka.
  • This is in Russian, not Latvian. The meaning is adequate, a woman who is not married, or perhaps who opposes marriage. May sound somewhat jokingly
    The proper spelling in Russian is холостячка if that helps. Latvian is also not a Slavic language, but a Baltic one (but I don’t think there is a special forum for Baltic languages here).