Kick crime into touch

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Kick crime into touch <Subject line added by moderator (Copyright)--->

What does that mean? It appears on a billboard in some episodes of Marcella, a British Netflix series.
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  • I see the phrase in a British newspaper:
    Football youngsters kick crime into touch

    Football youngsters kick crime into touch

    Apparently the measures are to reduce youth crime.
    From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English kick something into touch[entry]

    British English informal to stop a plan or project before it is completed A hitch resulted in the deal being kicked firmly into touch. → kick

    Examples from the Corpus
    kick something into touch• He would always kick it back into play whereas Lukic, more often than not, would kick it into touch.• When a penalty is kicked directly into touch the same team will have the throw-in.
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    AE (US English)
    One of the BE definitions of the noun "touch" is "the area outside the touchlines, beyond which the ball is out of play".

    So if you are playing soccer, and a player kicks the ball completely off the field (stopping the game),
    - a BE speaker says "he kicked the ball into touch"
    - an AE speaker says "he kicked the ball out of bounds"

    The billboard is using a metaphor: you are a soccer player, and should "kick crime out of the game".
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