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Hi! I could not find “kick down” in the dictionaries. What does it mean in the following context?

[Warehouse 13]

Pete [Secret Service Agent]: Hey, uh, you know I love New York.

Artie [Secret Service Agent]: Oh, a great town.
... ...
Pete: So I was just thinking maybe you guys could kick down some tickets to a show, or...?

Artie: Well, it depends on the show.
  • Franzi

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    It's not the most obvious way to say this, but I didn't find it confusing. It does mean 'give', but he's specifically asking for someone above him in the organization (someone more powerful or who controls the money or who has special access to something) to pass free tickets from their higher level to his lower one.


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    It's like "pass on" with the implication that the person passing the tickets on is in a higher position that the recipient and thus more likely to have easy access. you could compare to "kick back" or "kickback" - money given to a person in a higher position for making something possible (though this term can have other, even opposite meanings).
    "Kick up" is sometimes used for the payment of money to a higher-ranking mafia member.
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