Kick it up the notch

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    "Kick it up a notch" - Take note of the correct form of the expression - means to "up the ante" or "increase the intensity of the activity or the level of competition". As to "Kick it up to 30's", this is an expression that I've never heard before, but my gut feeling as a native speaker is to say that it carries the same meaning as "let's get this party started" or "make an effort to make things more crazy and fun".

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    P.S. When you ask questions in English, it's good to remember to add the auxillary verb "do" to the beginning: "Do both phrases have the same meaning?"


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    Kick it up a notch means:

    turn up the music or volume
    play (a sport, music) harder

    It can be used to do anything harder or faster or louder; increase the velocity of something.

    I don't know the term Kick it up to 30s. It probably means the same as 'Kick it up a notch". Where did you get this?


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    Hi Jacinta,

    Well this time, it was not from my friends anymore. It was from the movie "Jersey Girl" They were talking about a party and Ben Affleck's character said to one guy "kick it up the 30's" but I didn't have a clue on what he was saying so far? If someone knows or I got it wrong, please let me know.


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    "Kick it up a notch" is a set phrase for us, and you have gotten the meanings already.

    "Kick it up to 30s" is not a set phrase. Someone could (and apparently did,) invent a conversation in which it would make sense, but like the others, this is not something that I have ever heard.