kick off the moss

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    Hello could anyone tell me if "kick off the moss" is an idiom? I have read it in a song lyrics:

    I don´t understand this expression of the same lyrics either:"keep it turned on". Thank you.
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    In this particular case I would say no, it's not an idiom, and it's meant literally. There's moss growing on the roof and he's kicking it off. More generally, "kick off the moss" would work as an idiom meaning "get going," "get busy," etc. As we say, moss never grows on a rolling stone.

    To me, "keep it turned on" refers to the song, i.e "it's for people like you that I keep the song turned on, it's for your sake that I bother to do it" etc.
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    Thank you very much for your help Chris K,very kind of you!:)

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