Kid Vs Moch Vs Tease

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what's the difference between the verbs "Kid", "Moch", and "Tease"?

Example: "You are kidding me /moching me /teasing me."

The context is a person that he is telling to another person that he has been married 22 times.

  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    The second one should be "mock"/"mocking".
    You are kidding me: You are trying to fool me.
    You are mocking me: You are making fun of me.
    You are teasing me: You are playing with me.​

    "Kid" and "tease" are very similar, but "you're kidding me" is the usual expression to say "I don't believe you".

    "Mock" has a different meaning. "Kid" and "tease" are used where you think the other person is making a joke. "Mock" means you think they are deliberately deriding you.
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