Kieres Algo conmigo

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  1. seesthru New Member

    English, United States of America
    I took spanish and I know Quieres is Do you want, and Conmigo means with me...

    I looked up algo, and it means "something"

    so literally it would mean, " do you want something with me?"

    But why the kieres and not quieres? And why would a total stranger ask that on a site where we make snowflakes? I think I'm missing something in translation.
  2. mateitop

    mateitop Senior Member

    UK, English
    Sounds like something saucy to me! Bit of a joker perhaps.
  3. fuliginous Member

    EEUU - english
    kieres is from internet chat language, like j/k in english...

    i´d guess the person is refering to sex/weird internet relationship, if you don´t know them. there are some weird people online. any other ideas?
  4. seesthru New Member

    English, United States of America
    Ooooh. So it's a come-on of a sort. Strange to have that in a snowflake site! HereI am, making online snowflakes, and I get that comment! LOL

    I guess that helps my general confusion about posters from spain on there, and their comments not looking familiar. If they are shortening things, and using a slang or shortcut language for online, then that could explain why it doesn't look like the spanish I took in school! :)

    I'll ask about more things I see there if it's okay, if I can't find them translated. I'll try to weed out the dirty words if I find out there are those in the sentences!
  5. FOLY Senior Member

    ¿Quieres algo conmigo? - Sexo

    ¿Te pasa algo conmigo? - Discusión.
  6. FOLY Senior Member

    Yo tengo el mismo problema que tú, veo frases en los emails que me envían americanos que no son gramaticalmente aceptables.
  7. krolaina

    krolaina Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    ¿Quieres algo (una relación, por ejemplo, no tiene por qué tener connotación sexual), conmigo? También se dice "quieres tener algo conmigo".
    La persona que te lo dijo podría estar preguntando si quieres ser su pareja, si quieres mantener con él/ella una relación...o si quieres algo más...
    Qué suerte...:D
  8. AJB Member

    Palma de Mallorca, Spain
    English, United Kingdom
    I've seen it used when someone (i. e. a complete stranger) thinks you're staring at them.
  9. seesthru New Member

    English, United States of America
    It is the same problem, I agree. American English spoken and written today is not the same as the English taught in books. I learned Castillian Spanish, which is not spoken by most of the people I hear speaking it, and not written like I learned it. I don't know Spanish. I can only understand a few words and phrases.. I have to use an online translator in order to know what people are writing, and the one I use could not translate that phrase I asked about. now that I know it means someone is asking about sex, I will know not to be so polite when I answer if I see it again!
  10. seesthru New Member

    English, United States of America
    In this case, I could not be staring at them. The person posted a comment on a snowflake I made online at a snowflake website. It sounded like a challenge to me though, like you say, but I decided I was wrong, because it was so out of context.
  11. seesthru New Member

    English, United States of America
    Hahaha! I think they were just making a joke, now that I have gotten the answers. Thank you all for responding so fast!:)

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