kiitos olkohon

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    What does "olkohon" mean as in "Kiitos olkohon" in this quote from an advertisement from yesterday's newspaper?

    Kiitos siis olkohon, kiitos siis olkohon.

    Ja me toivotamme, ja me toivotamme
    rauhallista ja hyvää joulua!
  2. Gavril Senior Member

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    I'm not absolutely sure, but I would guess that olkohon is an alternative form of olkoon, which is the 3rd person singular imperative form of olla. So, kiitos olkoon = "let there be thanks" = "thanks".
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    That is right, and the lines are from Tiernapojat, a Finnish version of the "Star boys' singing procession" (see Wikipedia).

    The language used in the play can be archaic, poetic and dialectal.
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