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    I would like a translation for the word "kiki". I think it is slang. I also think it is used when typing messages to friends on the computer. Does anyone know this word? (If this word is dirty, or offensive, pardon me and the person who introduced it to me.)
  2. aurayfrance Senior Member

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    I think it's pet name, probably for Christian. There is another meaning, perhaps with another spelling. Do you know the Makenpiss in Brussels? :)
  3. Dorian Senior Member

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    kiki (nom masculin)
    (=cou) serrer le kiki à quelqu'un to throttle somebody, to grab somebody by the throat.

    (langage enfantin = pénis) willie (Brit.), peter (US)​

    From Collins-Robert
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    It is also mentioned in the expression, "c'est parti, mon kiki" on this thread: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=38523

    Does anyone know if the meaning in that expression is related to the ones mentioned here? I guess it does not have anything to do with the name Christian or a penis.
  5. piolo New Member


    the expression "hacer un kiki" in spanish is used as "to have sex"

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