Kimberley Process Certification Scheme


In order to stop blood diamond sales, South African countries with a legitimate diamond trade began a campaign in 2000 to track the origins of all rough diamonds. Their efforts resulted in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, an international organization to make the world free of conflict diamonds.

For a start, what does "Scheme" refer to here? Is it Project or Organization?

Second, does "make the world free of conflict diamonds" mean "prevent conflict diamonds from going into the world?" Thanks.
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    Here is the OED definition of this meaning of the word scheme:
    a systematic plan or arrangement for achieving a particular object or effect. A scheme isn't really an organization, but in this case it seems the organization that administers the scheme have taken the name of the scheme as their name.

    To make the world free of something means to eradicate the world of that thing; to get rid of it entirely.