Kind of <rough> for kids in the system, no?


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Hello everybody.
This passage, taken from "The Collected Works of AJ Fikry", by G.Zevin is not so easy to understand fully. It's a dialogue. Two men talk about a parentless baby: the mother is dead, and the father is unknown. They're temporarily look after the little girl. Next, the baby will be probably probably placed in a foster home.

"So, the lady from Child Protective Services will be coming to get this little bundle of joy on Monday. Since the mother didn't have any family and the paternity is unknown, they'll have to find a foster home for her."
"Kind of rough for kids in the system, no?"
"It can be. But this young, she'll probably do all right."

The problem for me is the second line ("Kind of rough for kids in the system, no?"), especially the sense of "rough". Is the second man saying that this practice is difficult/hard for the kids who are in the system of fostering?

Thank you for your help.
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    "Rough" = not easy, rather hard situation for the kids
    "the system" = the foster care / orphanage 'system'

    So basically, "Not so fun/easy/nice for the kids in the foster/orphan care system."


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    Life can be rough for children in the foster-care system, since they may be shunted from one home to another, never having a permanent family.
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