kindly Jewish uncle


I'd like to know what's "kindly Jewish uncle"?
The context is about Madoff.
Here is the sentence: As the stock market fell precipitously in the fall of 2008, I would hear my friends in Aspen, Colorado, the affluent resort town where I live, gloat about the kindly Jewish uncle, the financial genius, who didn’t just keep their money safe but paid dividends, while everyone else’s portfolio plummeted by 40 percent.
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    I think the mention of the uncle as "Jewish" also calls to mind the stereotype of Jews as being very savvy with their money.


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    I don't think we need to look very far. Madoff is, in fact, Jewish and before his exposure was very active in Jewish community affairs. This is a reference to how comfortable and safe he made people feel and how trustworthy he appeared to be.

    A kindly uncle is typically a close relative (the brother of one's mother or father) who is friendly, understanding and helpful.

    It might be easier to understand the sentence if you know a bit about his crime.
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