King Seleucus of Greece


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"In one famous story related by Plutarch, Erasistratus was called upon by King Seleucus of Greece to diagnose his adult son Antiochus, who was near death with an illness no other physician could identify." (R.J. Davidson 'The Emotional Life of Your Brain')

Does it mean that he was a king of Greece? Or that his origing was Greek? I'd say the other since some sources say that he was a king of Syria (Erasistratus (Greek: Ἐρασίστρατος; 304 BC – 250 BC) was a Greek anatomist and royal physician under Seleucus I Nicator of Syria. from wikiepdia).
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    I think it can only be a mistake: possibly by misreading or misremembering "a Greek king of Syria" as "a Greek king". You can't say King Seleucus of Greece unless he reigned over Greece, more or less. A king of some small region like Corinth or Boeotia would be a king in Greece, but not of Greece; and a Greek king in Syria or Egypt couldn't be called that either.

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    I suppose it's just possible that R.J. Davidson was not as thorough in his research as you seem to be.
    Focussing only on the language used, it reads to me as though he was Seleucus, King of Greece. (Cross-posted)


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    Although King Seleucus was not a King of Greece, the passage cited says that he was. The writer was mistaken. The question is not linguistic but one of fact. Writers of English are as likely to get their facts wrong as any others.
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