Kinship Terms

I have found matches with Hungarian:
father 아빠 appa apa

elder sister
(if you are female) 언니 eonni néném = my elder sister.
The Korean system cumulates the complications of the Russian (different mother-in-law, sister-in-law for husband and wife) and Hungarian (different words for elder and younger sister and brother).
  • West Frisian

    wife - wiif
    husband - man

    father - heit
    mother - mem

    child - bern
    children - bern
    son - soan
    daughter - tochter
    (older) brother - broer
    younger brother - broerke
    (older) sister - sus
    younger sister - suske

    grandfather - pake
    grandmother - beppe
    great-grandfather - oerpake
    great-grandmother - oerbeppe

    grandchild - bernsbern
    (if you are a man) - pake-sizzer​
    (if you are a woman) - beppe-sizzer​
    (if your husband/wife is still alive) - pake/beppe-sizzer

    grandchildren - bernsbern
    (if you are a man) - pake-sizzers​
    (if you are a woman) -beppe-sizzers​
    (if your husband/wife is still alive) - pake/beppe-sizzers​

    great-grandchild(ren) - bernsbernsbern
    great-great-grandchild(ren) - bernsbernsbernsbern

    uncle - omke
    aunt - muoike

    (older) male cousin or nephew - neef
    younger male cousin or nephew - neefke
    (older) female cousin or niece - nicht
    younger female cousin or niece - nicht(s)je
    your dad if you have a nephew or niece older than you - fyslak

    second cousin (male) - achterneef(ke)
    second cousin (female) - achternicht((s)je)
    somebody you don't exactly know how your related to him - in achterneef(ke)
    somebody you don't exactly know how your related to her - in achternicht((s)je)

    - skoanheit
    mother-in-law - skoanmem
    son-in-law - skoansoan
    daughter-in-law - skoantochter
    brother-in-law - sweager
    sister-in-law - skoansus(ke)

    somebody who's related to you
    - in besibbe
    IHungarian (different words for elder and younger sister and brother).
    Swedish and Finnish also have different words for older and younger siblings.

    syster - sister
    storasyster - older (big) sister
    lillasyster - younger (little) sister
    bror - brother
    storebror - older (big) brother
    lillebror - younger (little) brother

    They are different from:
    min äldre bror/syster
    - my older brother/sister
    min yngre bror/syster - my younger brother/sister

    sisko - sister
    isosisko - older (big) sister
    pikkusisko - younger (little) sister
    veli - brother
    isoveli - older (big) brother
    pikkuveli - younger (little) brother

    They are different from:
    minun vanhempi veli/sisko
    - my older brother/sister
    minun nuorempi veli/sisko - my younger brother/sister
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    (NB - Bracketed you'll find the far more popular forms)
    Father - Fader (Far)
    Mother - Moder (Mor).
    Son - Søn
    Daughter - Datter
    Brother - Broder (Bror)
    Sister - Søster.
    Uncle - Onkel
    Aunt - Moster*, tante
    Father's sister - Faster
    Mother's sister - Moster*
    Father's brother - Farbroder (Farbror)
    Mother's sister - Morbroder (Morbor)
    Grandfather - Bedstefader (Bedstefar)
    Grandmother - Bedstemoder (Bedstemor)
    Father-in-law - Svigerfader (Svigerfar)
    Mother-in-law - Svigermoder (Svigermor)
    Paternal grandfather - Farfader (Farfar)
    Maternal grandfather - Morfader (Morfar)
    Paternal grandmother - Farmoder (Farmor)
    Maternal grandmother - Mormoder (Mormor)
    Great grandfather - Oldefader (Oldefar)
    Great grandmother - Oldemoder (Oldemor)
    Great great grandfather - Tip oldefader (Tip oldefar)
    Great great grandmother - Tip oldemoder (Tip oldemor)

    *Yes, "moster" is used in Danish nowadays regardless of if it's your mother's sister or your father's sister that you're referring to.
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    mother - äiti
    father - isä
    son - poika
    daughter - tytär

    mother – emoi
    father – izä
    son – poika
    daughter – tüär


    mother - ema
    father - isa
    son - poeg
    daughter - tütar

    brother - vend
    sister - õde
    uncle - onu
    aunt - tädi
    grandfather - vanaisa ('old father')
    grandmother - vanaema ('old mother')
    - meheisa ('husband's father')
    - naiseisa ('wife's father')
    - äi
    - meheema ('husband's mother')
    - naiseema ('wife's mother')
    - ämm
    - vennapoeg ('brother's son')
    - õepoeg ('sister's son')
    - vennatütar ('brother's daughter')
    - õetütar ('sister's daughter')