KISS conditional form


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KISS conditional form? Would you explain it please, mybeau? Thanks. (I am a struggling French student. :) )

mybeau said:
Eddie said:
Voilà la réponse que j'ai reçue d'un étudiant:
Ça risque de bien m'aider.
Ça veut dire quoi exactement?
Any information some kind soul provides me will be greatly appreciated.
Wow ! "Y a un risque que ça ait une chance de m'aider" !!
Why not use the KISS conditional form "Cela pourrait m'aider" ?
I can't find any idea of risk in any kind of help (except when my wife wants to help me sort my things on my desk.... this, is a major risk)
Help keeping conditional alive.

I am glad your student correctly wrote ça. Or did you unintentionally correct it when you typed your text ?
Few people know there are two forms of c-a.
ça is a contraction of cela. Both are correct.
çà is seldom used. It is mostly used in the "çà et là" expression.

Current but faulty use is: ca which shouldn't be pronounced [sa]
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