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    How would you say and write in hebrew " I want to kiss you" and I want to hug you" and i mean from a woman to a man.

    I know that I want is "ani rohtsah" but im not sure about how you put in the second verb (to kiss, to hug)...would the second verb be different by gender also. And Im not sure how to say that you want to do something to someone such as kiss you or hug you. If your speaking to a man would it be just be ata at the end of the sentence?
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    The parts marked in bold change forms according to gender.

    I want to kiss you.
    ani rotsa lenashek otkha.

    I want to hug you.
    ani rotsa lekhabek otkha.

    This is a female speaker wanting to kiss/hug a male hearer.
    The part lenashek or lekhabek is infinitive and does not undergo change.

    If the speaker is male, the want part should be rotse.
    If the heaer is female, the you part should be otakh.

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