kitchen-sink sacrifices (chess)


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I found this phrase as title of a chess data base.
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  • ctrav47

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    I am Italian, so I beg your pardon if I have badly submit the question. Perhaps this forum is'nt the right one. I know what kitchen-sink means literally. So, why in english is used this expression also for "neorealism" ?
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    Hello ctrav47. :)

    Please give us the complete sentence and tell us something about the context in which you saw it. (When you give the sentence, you should name the source.)

    The connection with 'neorealism' is not clear.

    George French

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    A game in which at least one of the player sacrifices most of his pieces, even the kitchen-sink, in an attempt, possibly in vain, to win the game.


    If you have a long list of items and you add to the list even the kitchen-sink, then it means you have included just about everything.
    Whether or not the game in question was such a game, is another question.....
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