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What is the exact meaning of " kitty litter " in the sentence :

The party was pure kitty litter until Sonia came and started dancing on the table.

I understand it had to be a boring party but anyway .... is the meaning the same as " boring " or is there a taste or feeling of anything else ???

Is this expression known and used in both BE and US ???
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    It is definitely understandable in the U.S. but I can't say I have heard it a lot. I would take it to mean "awful / shit". Kitty litter is the sand or other material that you put in a cat box for cats to urinate and defecate in.


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    The actuall stuff is generally called cat litter in the UK ~ I don't remember ever hearing anyone call it kitty litter. (It's perfectly understandable though, of course.)

    As for describing a party, well, I think we'd generally be more direct and just call it crap.
    If we particularly wanted to protect the delicate ears of 2-year olds, we might say :warn:poo:warn:
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    The sand traps that slow down fast racing cars that go off track are called kitty litter. I suggest that the term when applied to a party comes from that use and means very slow rather than "crap."
    Ewie, Kitty Litter was the brand name of the first bags manufactured.