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    Hello everyone. I've found three words for "nice" in my book. Based on the examples given, I cannot tell if these words are interchangeable or have distinct uses.

    The examples are:

    Siellä on kiva asua.
    It's nice to live there.

    Meillä on oikein mukava asunto.
    We have a very nice apartment.

    (Not used in any sample sentences yet. Only defined as: nice, interesting, fun. However, I remember hearing this used in the phrase meaning "Nice to meet you.")

    Would you say that kiva and hauska indicate something fun or pleasant to do, whereas mukava is used to describe a comfortable or pleasant thing? Could you provide any further examples of these words in context?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Onpa kiva tavata pitkästä aikaa. (you say to an old friend)
    Onpa hauska tavata pitkästä aikaa. (you say to an acquaintance)
    Onpa mukava tavata pitkästä aikaa. (you say to a dignitary)
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    Thanks for your helpful examples.

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