Kkotbong 꽃봉


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I found this rare Korean name "Kkotbong / 꽃봉" but I'm not sure what the second character means. I know the first character kkot/꽃 means "flower" but I'm not sure about the second character bong/봉. Wiktionary gives me a lot of meanings for this character:
봉 - Wiktionary

But I'm not sure which meaning this name is going for.

Anyone have any idea?
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    Hello 5jellys,

    Like you said, "kkot" means flower.
    "Kkotbong" is an abbreviated form of "kkotbong-ori."
    "Bong-ori" basically is a bud.
    So here, "kkotbong" or "kkotbong-ori" means flower bud.

    On a side note, "bong" as an abbreviated form is not used alone but with a prefix, such as "kkot."
    "Bong-ori" on the other hand can be used and expressed without any prefix.
    (and careful not to confuse "bong-Ori" with "bong-Uri; the latter is tranlsated as a mountain peak)


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    Hello 5jellys,

    꽃봉 is a flower bud. We can also write in a variety of ways in English or our old letters.