Kleiner Mann (in der Zigarilloschachtel, Janosch)

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    How would you translate "Kleinen Mann" in english?
    And what does that even mean exactly? :)
    Does it simply mean a regular "little man" or is it something more like a dwarf or something?
    I have to translate a book for a school project , this book is called "Lukas-Kummel - Kleines Mann in des Zigarilloschachtel" .
    And I have no idea how to translate that part !
    Thank you all for your help
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    Hello Molly92 :)

    Please note the genders and cases in German. You wrote "kleines Mann", but this would be neutre. "Der Mann", however, is masculine, and so the correct form in the nominative without article is "kleiner Mann". With the definite article, it would be "der kleine Mann". Similarly, "die Schachtel" is feminine, hence, in the dative required after "in" when relating to a position, it should be "in der Zigarilloschachtel".

    This is a story by Janosch: Kleiner Mann in der Zigarilloschachtel. Without knowing the story, I'd translate it as "little man".
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