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I was watching Japanese anime dubbed with Russian and English subbed. The English said klutz and the word I think I heard in Russian (but am not sure about spelling, usage, or credibility as i've never heard the word) was "галували".

Is this the proper word for translation? I've been trying to find a good word for it for a while, and having stumbled upon these boards over the last few days I'd hoped someone could help :p

For those who never heard the word "Klutz", it is the person who is always falling, dropping something, and is overall clumsy. This word has a playful connotation but does carry some insult.
  • Saluton

    Недотёпа would probably be the best out of the three here, although only лох is slang, the other two are just colloquial, or even normal but with a derogatory shade. Klutz is slang I suppose?


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    I agree, Лох and увалень for me emphasize the studipity too much and not the clumsiness.
    Klutz isn't really all that negative either, I've always thought of myself as sort of klutzy, but I'd never consider myself a "лох".

    Hard to draw a line between slang and colloquialisms, but I can say its rather oftenly used and not in the least bit vulgar. Its an americanism originating from an influx of Yiddish words around a hundred years ago.

    putz, hutspah, and gravitas being a few others.
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