knit [off] this needle


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The quotation comes from Jane Eyre Chapter 16

Quotation: "Then you must prove it by evincing a good appetite; will you fill the teapot while I knit off this needle?" Having completed her task, she rose to draw down the blind, which she had hitherto kept up, by way, I suppose, of making the most of daylight,though dusk was now fast deepening into total obscurity.
Hi everyone! I don't quite understand "knit off" here. I think "off" means "completely; utterly:Finish off that last piece of meat". So I interpret the sentence as "...while I knit this needle completely". is it correct?
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    When one is knitting with two needles, the fabric being knitted transfers gradually from one needle to the other, stitch by stitch. (The wider the piece of knitting, the longer this takes.) If one sets down or lays aside one's knitting while there are still stitches on both needles (that is, in the middle of a row of knitting), it is easy for stitches to slip off one of the needles. When possible, then, an experienced knitter will finish the row -- knit (the stitches) off one needle -- before oausing in her/his work.

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