Knock over the drop goal (Rugby Union)


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Hi, could someone tell me the meaning of "knock over the drop goal"?

Whole sentence is "Dan Carter knocks over the right-footed drop goal."

Dan Carter is a rugby player, and I know what "the right-footed drop goal" means.
I guess "knock over the drop goal" in the sentence would mean "made drop goal by surprise" but I am not sure.

You can see the scene on YouTube. The search keyword is "23 Jul 2012 – SR 2012 Crusaders v Bulls Play-Off 1"
The drop goal is kicked at 00:42:37.

Thanks for help!
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    A drop goal in rugby, as you probably know, is a goal scored by making a drop kick (where the ball is dropped and then bounces once on the ground before it is kicked) that goes over the bar of the goal between its uprights.

    To "knock over" in this context means "to kick over," and essentially means "to kick successfully." It does not mean that the drop goal was a surprise. This phrase is used often in describing rugby games, as a Web search will confirm.
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