Knock Yourself Out

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  • canb3rk

    New Member
    I guess i got it. So i may use it when a stranger or sb i know request sth that doesn't bother you. For instance:

    -Would you mind my taking this seat?
    No, of course. Knock yourself out.


    -Can i change the place of this desk?
    Sure. Knock yourself out.


    Senior Member
    American English
    I think it sounds just a little disrespectful when used with a stranger.

    Also, please don't use textspeak abbreviations here. That can get you in trouble with a moderator. (By the way, this is the only board I've ever been on where I've seen those two abbreviations, but I see them a lot here.)


    Senior Member
    That sounds right, Canb3rk. Remember, though, that some people might think it sounds a little rude. If I were you, I'd avoid it when I was trying to be polite. It's fine to say that to your friends or in other casual situations.
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