knockin' me sideways / knockin' me out

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    Hi all,

    Here is the context (Sideways lyrics by Citizen Cope) :
    "Well, diamonds they fade
    And flowers they bloom
    And I'm telling you
    These feelings won't go away
    They've been knockin' me sideways
    They've been knockin' me out lately
    Whenever you come around me

    I find it hard to get the -subtle- difference between the two bolded expressions and translate into French.
    My desperate try :
    "Ces sentiments ne me quitteront pas
    Ils me font dérailler
    Ils m'assomment/me mettent un coup de barre/ me laissent K.O debout ces derniers temps
    à chaque fois que tu te rapproches de moi

    Thanks a bushel and a peck for helping me out!

    FRENFR Senior Member

    "Whenever you come around me" is strange - is this group English?

    Your French translations seem to capture the nuance well. Knock sideways is like, to be thrown off course (nice expression).

    To knock out, you have understood.
  3. Toss Member

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    No, the band is actually American, not British. Once again, should I interject my favourite expression : "Let's chalk it up to AE and BrE then!" ?

    FRENFR Senior Member

    Do you actually know what that means!?
  5. Toss Member

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    I think I do, but I might be mistaken. It means something like "let's celebrate the differences between BrE and AE", doesn't it?
    A kind of ironic way to say that one is fed up with all those subtleties.
    Let me know if I am wrong, I wouldn't like to make a fool of myself one more time!
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