Know her 'sup from her swerve

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Dear English forum,

one last question about my sitcom episode.

I have this boy who's making profits teaching grandparents how to "look cool" in front of their granchildren, and he's now talking to the whole group praising his results.

Speaking of a woman of the group, he says: "Before she came to me, she didn't know her 'sup from her swerve".

I think this is modeled on sentences like "He couldn't tell his left from his right", and since the whole episode is about reproducing young people's slang I suppose the boy wants to sound "young" at this point. From the context, I think it should mean something like "she couldn't tell cool things from lame things", but I don't understand 'sup and swerve at all.

Could you please explain me with your words what the sentence means?

Thank you very much!
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