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Hi there, I'm a secondary school English teacher and I've got a problem with a couple of sentences. The situation looks as follows. We're organizing an English competition at our school. The competition is held locally and the test questions were prepared by, let's say, the local governing body Of course we, as English teachers, were given the answer key but some of the suggested answers seem pretty dubious. For example,

3. Peter and I ............. (know) each other very well. (the only suggested answer - despite the lack of "for/since" - "have known" looks ok but I'm wondering if "know" is also possible here.

If there is more than one answer possible, it is marked in the answer key. In this example however, "have known" is the only answer mentioned.
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    Hi chudziol

    In the absence of context, all sorts of things are possible:
    Peter and I know each other very well.
    Peter and I knew each other very well.
    Peter and I have known each other very well. (less likely)

    + other options.

    To be honest, it looks like a poor question:(.
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    It would be sentence fragment without a statement about time. "We have known each other very well" begs the question "For how long?" It could be specific, such as "for 6 months" or vague like "for a long time."
    Without that time statement, I would mainly read it as "We have known each other in the past." In the poetic usage it has sexual implications.