know vengeance

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-- I spent four years of my life in the hole [prison], waiting for the chance to get out and clear my name [she was convicted unfairly], and I will know vengeance.
Who's That Girl, movie

What is "know vengeance"?
Thank you.
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    That's right, that wasn't what I meant. Colourful language doesn't have to mean rude or offensive.
    I understand your usage of the word to mean 'flamboyant' or 'poetic', although I can't say I would use it that way myself.

    Anyway, 'know [noun]' is an old-fashioned and poetic way of saying 'experience, be involved in', or in this case 'take action towards getting'. My dictionary has the following definition of 'know', albeit very far down the list:

    know - have personal experience of (an emotion or situation)
    "a man who had known better times"
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