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emre aydın

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A young singers faints on the stage. The head of her label talks to her own manager:

Manager: You want me to see if I can squeeze in your publicist. You're gonna get asked about this.
Head: I think I just downplay it, you know?
Manager: Well, I don't know if that's gonna fly with all that video that's out there.
Head: Well, we won't know what anything is until she wakes up and we talk to Scarlett and we talk to the doctor. And until then, I'm not making any kind of decisions about what's happening.


1) I think it means "to understand the situation with all its aspects", am I right?

2) It sounded to me like it is a common expression, right?

Thanks for your help.
  • Glenfarclas

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    1. More or less. I would say that it's closer to not understanding any of its aspects than not understanding all of them.

    2. No, not really, but it is fairly unremarkable.
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