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  1. Michael30000 Senior Member

    Hello everyone,

    The context is as follows. The teacher explains to the students how they can get a fire using a battery, a chewing gum and cotton wool. When he explains things he actually does them.

    And when fire appears, the teacher says, "This is it. Now you can see how a/the knowlede of elementary physics can help you in your daily life."

    What article should be used before "knowledge" in this case?
    Or no article is required?

    Thank you.
  2. Packard

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    I would leave off the article. I don't feel it is necessary.
  3. Michael30000 Senior Member

    Thank you, Packard.
  4. audiolaik

    audiolaik Senior Member

    But would it be a glaring mistake to use "the"?
  5. audiolaik

    audiolaik Senior Member


    I knew there was something wrong....:)
  6. Myridon

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    It suggests that there is a single set of "knowledge about elementary physics" which you know. Not knowing about pulleys or inclined planes might prevent you from starting a fire in this manner. :)

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