known facts but not verbalize or written

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    it is better to keep as it is "an unverbalize fact/truth" as it is. not let it verbalize.Is there any terminology for the mentioned statement.


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    You can use (verity) or (truth).

    Both can work.

    Verity : Is an important principle or fact that is always true.

    For example:
    One of the eternal verities of life.
    The eternal verities of life.
    She has spent her life in a search for eternal/scientific/universal verities.

    Good luck with your study.


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    in simple words: superior authority has a perception that his subordinate is a incompetent person. This is never-spoken by senior authority. Subordinate doesnot want his superior to make this statement. Which is more disturbing. So he want to keep it is as status quo.


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    An unspoken understanding. They had tacit agreement not to raise the subject. If you provide the whole sentence, it will make it easier to help you express your meaning.


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    Please give us a sentence and situation that you want to use this word or phrase in, including who is the speaker and who is the listener.

    Also, we ask that you use standard capitalization and punctuation on the forum. Thank you.


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    I have merged your two threads. Now provide us with the complete sentence Copyright requested.
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