1. 0_Christine_0 Senior Member


    Quisiera decir la siguiente frase en inglés, pero dudo si escribir la preposición to o by.

    A la mujer rubia, por ser francesa, la conocen los vecinos por Madame.

    Mi intento: The fair-haired woman, because of being French, is known as Madame to/by the neighbours.

  2. donbeto

    donbeto Senior Member

    Vancouver (Canada)
    Eng (Canada)
    Diría "to". Cambiaría el original un poco:

    ... is known to the neighbours as Madame.
  3. Cenzontle

    Cenzontle Senior Member

    English, U.S.
    Estoy de acuerdo con las dos sugerencias de donbeto.
  4. 0_Christine_0 Senior Member

  5. grahamcracker Senior Member

    I think that either "by" or "to" could be used.
  6. Wildcat1 Senior Member

    Amer. English
    "because of being French" sounds awkward to me. I would say "because she is French" or simply "being French".

    As for the end of the sentence, I prefer either "is known to the neighbors as 'Madame'" (as donbeto suggested) or "is called 'Madame' by the neighbors".
  7. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    I agree with Donbeto and Wildcat1, and will add my own versions.

    Because she was French, the blonde woman was known to her neighbors as Madame.
    Because she was French, the blonde woman was called Madame by all her neighbors.

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