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    I'd like to say in Chinese that something is known worldwide for something. For example: Our company is known worldwide for its recognized and trusted brands.
    My attempt: 我们的公司因为它的信赖的品牌而全球出名。or 我们公司的产品在全球范围内很受欢迎 。 But I don't think 受欢迎 is the best option here.
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    Hello! Perhaps you can restructure it and use some cliches: 本公司的品牌深受信赖,全球知名/享誉全球。
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    how about 我们公司的努力是使我们品牌在全球范围内获得认可.

    it sounds good to you?
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    All these sentences sound good to me with some small changes, so what exactly is your problem ?
    我们公司的产品在全球范围内很受(消费者,年轻人..etc)欢迎 。
    我们公司努力使(or perhaps 致力于使 is better)我们的品牌在全球范围内获得(消费者的)认可.
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    If you say that all of them are OK then I have no problem. Tkank you! :)
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    I personally prefer Ghabi's translation, as his one seems to fit business style more, also more concise.
    Chinese like concise, four-character words.

    我们的公司因为它的信赖的品牌而全球出名。 Not grammatical.
    我们公司的产品在全球范围内很受欢迎。 Grammatical, but the feeling is not as strong as Ghabi's.
    我们公司的努力使我们品牌在全球范围内获得认可。 The tone is even weaker. Lacks self-confidence.
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    what do you mean by "lack of self-confidence"? doesn't fit business style or what exactly?
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    In my opinion, a business wrote the original words to promote itself, therefore, stronger declarations are preferred.
    Compare the three versions:

    1. 本公司的品牌深受信赖,全球知名/享誉全球。
    A formal written style uses 本 instead of 我们.
    Four-character idioms, good.
    A comma helps make a parallel form, clear and well-sounding.

    2. 我们公司的产品在全球范围内很受欢迎。
    "The products of our company are very welcomed within the scope of whole globe."
    在全球范围内很受欢迎 sounds redundant, comparing to 全球知名/享誉全球. It doesn't stress the feeling of "known worldwide" and "trusted".

    3. 我们公司的努力使我们品牌在全球范围内获得认可。
    获得认可 = "received acceptance". Just being accepted? Where are the "well-known" and "trusted" parts?
    Unless you are actually NOT a big global company yet, instead, you just started some oversea business, you want to present your company in a humble style. This would be good.
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