Kości dziewczyny grób zamkna'ł poświęcony

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    Dear all,

    Could anyone please give me a literal translation of these 2 sentences from Chopin's Dwojaki Koniec? It's a song telling the death of a soldier and his girl.
    "Kości dziewczyny grób zamkna'ł poświęcony,
    Kości kozaka bieleją na wsze strony."

    I tried to search on the Net and found a translation:

    "The girl’s bones were consigned to a consecrated grave;The Cossack’s bones are whitening, scattered to the four winds."

    It does not seem to be very close to the Polish text. I am sorry I do not have any knowledge of the Polish language.

    Many thanks.
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    Well, it depends how exact you want the translation to be. To preserve English word order it would be like this: "A consecrated grave sealed the girl's bones. The Cossack's bones are whitening..." well, the last 3 words are difficult for literal translation, it's something like "in all ways", "in many places", "scattered".
    If you want the word-for-word translation:
    kości - bones
    dziewczyny - girl (Genitive)
    grób - grave
    zamknął - close, seal, lock (3 person, singular, masculine, past tense)
    poświęcony - consecrated (masculine)
    kozaka - Cossack (Genitive)
    bieleją - become white or (in literary language, as it is meant here probably) to be visible as white, usually against the dark background (3 person plural, present tense)
    na - a preposition which can be used in various contexts, typically means "on"
    wsze - an archaic form of "all" (plural, nonpersonal)
    strony - sides, ways, parts (in this context - but it could mean also pages of a book).
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  3. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    The meaning of the Polish text has been rendered very well by the translation.

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