Kofka and kofte

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Hello everyone. I saw the word "kofka" used in Western Europe for some foods that are actually (or nearly) kofte. I know the latter word because is used also in Greece. But is the "kofka" a real turkish word or is a modern invention? Thanks for answers.
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    I have never heard of the word" kofka", so think that it is neither an actual word in use nor an invention.

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    I think it's a typo/misprint for "kofta", a word that often appears on menus here, presumably because Turkish "köfte", with the accent over the "o", is thought to be too difficult a word for the British diner to handle, and because the British punter is familiar with the spelling "kofta" from Indian restaurants. The dish shown in the link looks like köfte/kofta to me.
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