kol sana wenta teeb (كل سنة وانت طيب)

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  1. Tufsa New Member

    Could someone please translate this for me in English? Thanks:)
    kol sana wenta teeb ya a7la valantine fel donia kolaha
    we yarab el sana elly gaya tekon m3ana fe masr we ne3mel 3eed miladak kolena sawa isa
  2. Andrew___

    Andrew___ Senior Member

    My attempt is:

    Best Wishes to you! (Or Happy Valentine's Day or Happy whatever celebration it is!), O most beautiful Valentine in the whole world!

    I hope to God that you will be with us in Egypt in the coming year and we'll celebrate your birthday all together. Isa.
  3. yasmeena Senior Member

    Arabic (Lebanon)
    I think 'isa' is 'inshaAllah' (God willing).
  4. Tufsa New Member

    Thank you so much, bejad, thanks:) I have another thing I need translated to English, if someone could please help me xxx
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