kolorowych snów


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would someone please help me translate this. I cannot find it online anywhere:
kolowych snuw

thank you
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    Hello! :)

    A friend of mine once told me EVERY boyfriend says "Słodkich snów" writing an sms to his girlfriend in the evening, hahaha.

    Słodkich snów! (literally "Sweet dreams!"*) and Kolorowych snów (literally "Colorful dreams"*) are both familiar ways of wishing someone a good night. It's like saying "Goodnight", "Sleep well", etc.

    You can say it to your child, to your wife, to your brother/sister, friend...

    * Note that colorful and sweet dreams are supposed to be nice and peaceful/entertaining.
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    I don't think so ;p
    In polish when sth is colorful it means that it is exciting, interesting, peculiar and not boring or scaring (if it's about dreams)
    But we say that word in that meaning only in a phrase "kolorowych snów"
    it's just a linking word I think


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    kolorowy can be linked with 'misiu' for example (like in misiu kolorowy), generally speaking it should be perceived like above: 'colorful' would mean the same as 'playful' etc. In Polish it can have also mild homosexual connotations.