korvaus on määrältään kuukauden palkka per palvelusvuosi


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From an employee's severance agreement:

Hänelle maksetaan [...] kertakorvauksena työsuhteen päättymisen johdosta erorahaa [X] euroa, mikä vastaa hänen 24 kuukauden peruspalkkaansa.

Eroraha perustuu yhtiön henkilöstöohjelmaan, jonka mukaisesti korvaus on määrältään kuukauden palkka per palvelusvuosi (kuukauden palkka = peruspalkka + 1/12 lomarahasta), kuitenkin korkeintaan 24 kuukauden palkkaa vastaava korvaus.

The logic of these two sentences completely escapes me.

If the compensation is supposed to equal "(one) month's salary per year of employment", then why would it ever equal 24 months' salary??

I feel as though I must be missing something about the blue part, but I don't know what.

Your contributions are welcome.

  • If the person has a long history of being employed by that company, that is, he/she has been in the company for 24 years or more, then they would get 24 months worth of severance money (because apparently 24 is the maximum, and anything over that won't be counted). If they get their normal monthly salary's worth of money per (multiplied by) years of employment as compensation.
    Thanks. So, kuukauden palkka per palvelusvuosi = "(one month's salary) x (number of years that the person has been employed)".

    Previously, I was interpreting this phrase to mean something like "one month's salary as paid during a year of employment", but in retrospect, this seems like an odd interpretation and I'm not sure why I was so stuck on it.