Kos, indeed Greece


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Kos, indeed Greece, are only way-stations for Nasreen and the others. She and her brother-in-law hope to reach the Netherlands where his sister lives. Another flight, another country where she will live as an outsider. Quietly, holding back tears, she articulates a credo that many refugees cling to.
What is meant by indeed here please?
Source: UNHCR Tracks - The Artist’s Way
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    Kos is a way-station to Athens, but furthermore, Greece is a way-station to places beyond. The 'indeed' corrects the impression that people might be trying to get from Kos to Athens as an end in itself.


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    The Oxford English Dictionary defines this sense of indeed as: "3 Used in a clause which confirms and amplifies a previous statement: In point of fact, as a matter of fact." Citations given include, "I am... a cautious man, indeed a timid one."
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