Kraków jeszcze nigdy tak jak dziś

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Canada; English
Okay, I've tried to translate this myself and I don't know a lot of Polish. They're lyrics to a song called "Krakow" by Myslovitz. Some lines I'm stuck on and some lines I really don't even know if they are right or not, so can someone look this over and help me with corrections please?

Krakow jeszcze nigdy tak jak dzis
Nie mial w sobie takiej sily i
Moze to ten deszcz, moze przez te mgle
Moze to moj nastroj, ale w kazdej twarzy ciagle
widze cie

Krakow has never been like now
It didn't have someone strong in it like you and
Perhaps it's the rain ahead, perhaps it's across the fog
Perhaps it's my mood, but everyone's faces always say
I'll see you again

  • ogqozo

    Well, the text means something like this:

    Krakow has never had
    Such a force that it has now
    Perphaps it's because of the rain, perphaps because of the fog,
    Perphaps it's my mood, but I still see you
    In every face I see
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