Krawiec szyje katany frajerom.


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Hello, everyone!
I am translating the movie "Najmro" for Czech dubbing. I got both English and Polish dialogue lists. Antos, a member of Najmro's gang is trying to sell a stolen car to a client who is not satisfied with the quality. Najmro offers a discount and gives the client some money back. Antos steals client's wallet, then, and brings it to the gang's meeting point saying to Najmro: "Krawiec szyje katany frajerom. Co klientowi odpaliłeś, odzyskałem."
What does the first sentence mean? It is probably some slang. The English dialogue list translates it as "I got on his bottle," which does not make much sense, either.
Thank you for your help.
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    I had no idea what it meant and needed to look it up. It occurs it's a prison slang expression: