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    According to Wiktionary, sanotaan is Passive present indicative form of sanoa. So then, if translated literally, sanotaan is "is said".
    My question: is it correct to say "muistatko kuinka sanoa "hei" koreaksi", instead of "Muistatko kuinka sanotaan "hei" koreaksi", to mean "Do you remember how to say "hello" in Korean"? Or, should it be always in the passive form, as a rule, when it comes to using the verb "sanoa" with "kuinka"?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Määränpää

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    In this case both phrases seem correct to me.

    When you use the A-infinitive (sanoa), the presumed subject is "you". (If you wanted to say "hi" in Korean, would you remember how to do it?)
  3. littlemonyou

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    Thanks for the answer!

    Just one more question: Is the "sanotaan" impersonal indicative present form of sanoa?

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