~Kun Suffix for Male Pets

Hello, I have a 16 lbs. male Papitese (Papillon x Maltese mix) named Mochi (after the Japanese rice cake). I am familiar with the name suffixes ~chan ~san ~sama ~kun ~dono etc. and am aware that people often use ~chan after their pets' names too. However, I was wondering, since Mochi is a male, could I say Mochi-kun instead of Mochi-chan? Or would that be weird...

Thanks in advance!
  • hanako52

    For pets, whether they are males or females, you call them 〜くん/ちゃん/さん/さま etc. in any way you like.
    We do not care, but if your dog is a male and everybody knows about it then Moch-kun could sound more natural to some people's ears.
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