Kurdish: ناڵه ی هه‌ڵه‌بجه

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  1. Belgeria New Member

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    I found a book (in arabic) in a dead relative's belongings, and was wondering if anyone could help translate the title (as far as I can tell the title is only 2 words)
    I know I'm supposed to go through the resources and post the text directly into here, but I've looked and can't seem to find some of the letters online.
    I know letters can change depending on if they're at the beginning or middle or end of the word, so maybe that's why I've not been able to figure out the letters; or maybe I missed it.

    Apologies if I've misused the forum/not followed the rules, please let me know if I have.


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  2. ahmedcowon Senior Member

    This is not Arabic, it seems to be Persian!!!!!
  3. Belgeria New Member

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    I'm sorry, I didn't know; a family member told me it was in arabic.
    You can understand my mistake.
  4. ayed

    ayed Senior Member

    Welcome, Belgeria, to the Arabic forum :)

    Google Persian-English translation something like :

    Hey or Huh! whinning of children being crushed ?
  5. Belgeria New Member

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    Hi, thanks for the welcome :)

    I'm used to the English and French alphabets, so you can understand my confusion (they letters do look very similar!)

    Two words can say all that? But what you've translated does make sense to the cover picture of the book.
    Thank you!!
  6. aisha93

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    It is Kurdish. The first word is ناڵه ی the second one is هه‌ڵه‌بجه‌which is a Kurdish city in Iraq "Halabja"

    The first word is a noun and means: whine/moan/cry (if it is the same as the Persian ناله)

    So as a whole it would perhaps be: Halabja's Cry! which I think relates to the Halabja Genocide
  7. إسكندراني

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    It's Kurdish, not Persian, and is something about Halabja (the place where the infamous massacre occurred).
    Edit:aisha got in first!
  8. Belgeria New Member

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    Right, thank you very much!
    I knew it was about Halabja, but can't read any of the book.
    I know it was written in 1990 and that's when my relative received it; and can't find any information on this book anywhere.

    Thank you again, much appreciated :)

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